By: Ryan Farago, PGA Professional

Just starting out? These five tips are for you!

1. All you need to start learning to play golf is one club, pair of tennis shoes, and a positive attitude.
2. Working to develop solid fundamentals, the word “GAP” comes to mind. Good grip, understanding how to aim, and getting into the correct posture are so important in golf.
3. Work on maintaining good balance throughout your swing. Golf is a bat-and-ball sport similar to baseball, softball, and hockey. If you have played any of these sports, use your background to relate to how important balance is to success.
4. Small swings to start out would look like hip-high to hip-high or even learning a chipping motion to start. Once you have success hitting consistently solid strikes, you would then work up to L-to-L type swings that resemble a full swing. For a right-handed player this backswing would look like an L being made halfway back, with your left arm being the bottom of a capital letter L, and the club shaft being the top of the capital letter L. 
5. Understand that golf is quite difficult. Don’t let that ruin your fun because having fun with the process of learning and improving in this amazing game is the most important part.

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